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Larry Schewe

From aerospace to pulp & paper to pipelines, I have been working in the nondestructive testing industry since 1987. As we are analytical professionals, my interests from nondestructive testing to destructive testing and metallurgy brought me to the pacific northwest where I worked for five years performing failure analysis for an engineering firm. These two disciplines are mutually beneficial to our clients as we diagnose and recommend what tests will give you the information that you desire.  

My pipeline experience comes from working as a specialist for a major pipeline operator. In this position, I ran pig tools, verified tool results and worked closely with the vendors and engineers to ensure compliance, interpret probability of detection and probability of identification in analysis of lamination's, SCC, mill-scale dents & corrosion. It was in this position we introduced phased array ultrasonics into the pipeline industry.  It has now become standard practice to aid in the depth sizing of SCC, ERW fusion weld indications and evaluation of materials for fitness and purpose.  

My level-III experience includes implementing phased array in lieu of radiography in the construction of plants and writing procedures for compliance. My experience becomes our employees' experience as we together analyze the field results and determine best practices for your applications.