Echo 3D Services

Echo 3D is an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) based technology that uses Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) to display surface breaking defects in a three-dimensional image.  This will be a game changer for documenting and mapping cracking. Full pipe scans of features displayed in a 3D model. It will not only be able to qualify but quantify corrosion under insulation.  

  • Like UT, the ECHO-3D can sense through a coating to detect a defect. Unlike UT, it does not require direct contact with the surface of the sample, nor does it require the use of a couplant.
  • Like PT, ECHO-3D detects surface breaking cracks. Unlike PT, the surface requires little preparation and results in a permanent electronic record of the data and report, leaving no residues to clean up.


  • Patented Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Based Technology
  • 3D Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI)
  • Measures the Effects from Surface Breaking Defects on the EMF Shape. 


  • Sensor is USB Connected to a Ruggedized Touch Screen Tablet
  • Swappable Contoured Shoes for Various Pipe Sizes
  • Custom Shoe Profiles Easily Created


  • Permanent Electronic Record of the Data
  • Real Time Analysis to Get Answers Fast Add Screen Shots
  • Photos of Site and Equipment Setup.
  • Analysis Software Gives Crack Depth and Length
  • Projects Can Be Easily Exported and Imported